About Us


My name is Carla Scott and I am entering the world of a “Mompreneur”. Since the birth of my children (Cameron and Clara) the career path that I had previously chosen became very challenging. Managing a retail store while trying to be the “perfect” mom forced me to start thinking of ways to change my lifestyle to accommodate both of these priorities.

The result of my brainstorming is my new venture – Baskets by Mom. I am combining my retail experience with my love of buying local products.

We are a very unique company in the gift basket sector. Our baskets will contain local products from local businesses. Our vision is to create a network of small businesses that can profit from the sampling and advertising that our business will provide. We value small businesses like ours and we believe that small businesses should be the backbone of an economy.

We hope you as a consumer will enjoy our concept and support the businesses that we are featuring in our baskets!

Why should you buy a basket from Baskets by Mom?
1) All of the products in our baskets are from local small businesses. Supporting local business is very important to growing our economy. I like to think that we are selling local products and stories, the baskets that these products arrive in are just the delivery method.

2) We buy items from non profit organizations like Youth Opportunities Unlimited. Supporting local youth organizations like YOU helps maintain a healthy community.

3) Baskets by Mom is very active in donating to local charities. Giving back is a main focus of our business model. Some of our donations to date are:

– Superhero Run for Easter Seals Kids
– Jewels and Jeans Gala Silent Auction – The Arthritis Society
– Vanier Children’s Services Arts and Crafts show

Thank You,

Carla Scott